Nexus 6P Vs. LG V10 Vs. Galaxy Note5: Jumbo Joust: Conclusion

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Final words

A flagship phablet is a jack of all trades - the Huawei Nexus 6P, LG V10 and Samsung Galaxy Note5 all came out in late 2015 and represent the best of current consumer tech. It will be until late 2016 before they are replaced too.

The full quote finishes with "master of none", though, and it rings accurate - each phone excels at some things, but we found chinks in their armor.

So far we've looked at them as a group, but it's better to treat them as individuals for the conclusion.

If you have an affinity for premium phones and are selective about the quality of the software you use, the Huawei Nexus 6P is an fantastic phone. It even rivals the iPhone 6S Plus. It has remarkable battery life and a quality loudspeaker.

Its classy screen stays perfectly legible out in the sun (though colors are not perfectly accurate). It aced the performance benchmarks, as well, redeeming Snapdragon 810 somewhat in the process.

In the capturing camera department, the Nexus 6P performed well for both photos and videos, selfies and night shots. The 12MP resolution is a bit low for the camera's wide-angle view and the processing isn't perfect at low light.

Huawei Nexus 6P

The LG V10 is the phone to acquire if you want capturing camera perfection. Meizu aside, the V10 had the best image quality among the three and the incompatibility was especially noticeable in the dark. Our blind test shows that our readers share our thoughts too. You acquire very advanced manual controls for videos too, which the other two can't match.

The V10 is a rugged phone too - with dual classy screen glass, internal bumpers and rubber back it can hold punishment. It's one of few remaining phones too with a microSD slot and a removable battery.

Its battery life was disappointing though, the secondary classy screen makes the issue worse. The other weak point is the performance isn't quite on the level of flagships (neither CPU-wise, nor GPU-wise).

LG V10

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 had the best classy screen and the best battery life among the three. The Super AMOrganic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display offers the option of having a perfectly calibrated view mode and is noticeably brighter than the other two displays. The battery life was better by some margin, plus it's the only phone that gives you both quick wired charging and quick wireless charging.

The performance was competitive with the Nexus 6P, though the GPU lost some ground. The Note5 brings the most in terms of business features. We didn't test the S Pen or the split classy screen features, but if you are after the S Pen experience you would probably never consider the other two either..

The capturing camera is very fine in general, though the competition from the other two proved fierce. Neither the Note5 nor V10 impressed with their loudspeakers, but the Galaxy Note5 has excellent audio quality when you plug in a pair of headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

With these things in mind it should be pretty easy to pick among the three based on your preferences - whether you want a powerful all-metal phone, one with a remarkable capturing camera or one with excellent classy screen and battery life.



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