Oppo F1 Plus Review: Selfie-propelled: Telephony, App Package

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Contacts and telephony, messaging

The Oppo F1 Plus and ColorOS V3.0.0i offer a very straight-forward approach to telephony. You acquire a single app that incorporates the dialer and contacts directory on two separate pages.

The former is about as clean as they come. There is nothing really fancy to play around with and even the few options that are available for the interface are in their own sub-menu inside the phone settings. Still, we never found anything vital really missing from the app. There is even smart dial out of the box.

The contacts segment of the app follows the same minimalist ideology. Still, available fields and customization options per contact are plentiful and again, nothing is really missing, it just looks slick and clean.

Dialer and contacts

Pretty much the same goes for the Messages app.


The loudspeaker of the Oppo F1 Plus doesn't impress with volume and falls in the "Average" category in our test. Oppo has produced more powerful speakers and if you think size does it on the R7 Plus, the Good result of the R7s shows it can be done in a body the size of the F1 Plus'.

Speakerphone testVoice, dB Pink noise/ Music, dB Ringing phone, dB Overall score

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) 66.2 64.8 66.8 Below Average

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 67.3 65.7 66.5 Below Average

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) 65.5 72.2 65.2 Average

Oppo F1 Plus 67.9 71.9 66.5 Average

Meizu Pro 5 67.7 66.6 68.7 Average

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 66.5 66.6 75.8 Good

Motorola Moto X Play 69.8 66.6 75.7 Good

Oppo R7s 73.8 66.6 71.9 Good

LG G4 66.9 71.8 74.7 Good

Huawei Nexus 6P 74.7 77.8 72.1 Very Good

Oppo R7 Plus 73.7 72.8 79.9 Very Good

OnePlus One 74.8 73.5 80.2 Excellent

Meizu MX5 75.7 73.5 79.5 Excellent

OnePlus 2 75.7 73.5 80.7 Excellent

App package

As for pre-loaded apps, we already mentioned that the Oppo F1 Plus comes with all Google apps already on board. The company also brings you a few notable Oppo apps as well. You acquire a fully-featured file browser, including FTP. There is also a calculator, a sound recorder and a compass, all done with the same minimalistic approach.

File manager • Calculator • Sound recorder • Compass

The Calendar, Clock and Weather apps all stick to the "less is more" philosophy as well.

Calendar • Clock • Weather

WPS office is also pre-loaded to handle all your document needs.

WPS office

For browsing the web, there is a default browser courtesy of Oppo. It bears a striking visual and functional resemblance to Opera for Android and might actually be a customized version of this. It even offers bandwidth saving for those on a slow connection.

Oppo browser could be Opera in disguise

And, of course, there are default apps for handling video and audio playback as well, but more on that in the multimedia section.



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