Oppo F1 Plus Review: Selfie-propelled: Multimedia, Audio Quality

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The gallery

The default Gallery on the Oppo F1 Plus is also straight-forward to the extreme. You acquire a total of two interfaces, the first being a photo stream and the other - a split up view, organized in convenient image sets.

Gallery app

There is a bit more functionality, hidden under the hood. The edit option, for one, offers a pretty decent number of tools. You can quickly crop an image, or doodle on it. There are also filters available.

Quick image editing

Music player

The default music player is just that - a music player, nothing more, nothing less. You acquire all the basics, like categorized browsing (track, artist, album) and a very clean playback interface with some default animations as well as album art support.

Interestingly enough, you also acquire playlists and even favorites. You can also apply an equalizer by enabling Dirac Sound option which is buried in the settings menu.

Music Player

Video player

The video player is yet another rather basic app, which offers clean looks but almost nothing in terms of advanced features. There is one notable exception - you can play clips in a hover window. The video player supports playback of Digital Theater System (DTS) audio codec but not AC3 audio codec.

Video Player

Audio output starts off great, quickly degrades

The Oppo F1 Plus went off to a remarkable start in our audio quality test. When connected to an active external amplifier, it delivered very loud with excellent clarity scores top to bottom – an impressive showing by any standard.

Plug in a pair of headphones though and things quickly go south. Volume drops to average, stereo crosstalk increases notably, some intermodulation distortion creeps in and frequency response gets slightly shake. None of those is particularly poor on its own, but add them together and you acquire a performance that’s certainly not worth writing home about.

Anyway, here go the results so you can create your own comparisons.

TestFrequency responseNoise levelDynamic rangeTHDIMD + NoiseStereo crosstalk

Oppo F1 Plus

+0.05, -0.04-93.393.50.0015


Oppo F1 Plus (headphones)+0.51, -0.16-


Xiaomi Mi 4s

+0.01, -0.03-94.990.80.0025


Xiaomi Mi 4s (headphones)+0.09, -0.02-


Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)+0.02, -0.07-94.392.20.0065


Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) (headphones)+0.42, -0.01-93.487.10.029


Huawei G8+0.02, -0.08-93.490.10.0028


Huawei G8 (headphones)+0.10, -0.03-92.989.80.0048


Oppo F1 Plus frequency response

You can learn more about the tested parameters and the whole testing process here.



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