Moto G4 Plus Hands-on: First Look: Conclusion

By 04:10 Tue, 17 Aug 2021 Comments


The original Moto G disrupted the budacquire Android phone market and Motorola deserves credit for that. But since then a lot has happened and many recent overeager disrupters have joined the game. At the same time, the Moto G models have steadily moved up the price range and this latest generation is the most expensive one yet, stretching the meaning of the term 'affordable' to recent heights.

The G4 Plus certainly has some fine things going for it. The display is nice and we appreciate the clean UI (Motorola states on its website that the phone will acquire updated to Android N and O), and the battery is not bad, either. Back in the day, the only downside of the original Moto G was its lackluster camera, while today, the capturing camera will perhaps be its biggest selling point.

So yes, the recent Moto G4 Plus is a phone that's easy to like. Price-conscious users, however, may probably find better deals from up-and-coming smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi who sell their phones at close to break-even price points. These companies, however, don't have worldwide presence, let alone worldwide support and carrier partnerships, so Lenovo's distribution network and marketing prowess might just be what Moto needed to stand apart and succeed as a more premium lineup of phones.



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