Lead us into temptation Oh Galaxy Note 10.1!

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By the time Samsung

Electronics, manufacturers of

Galaxy range of tablets, ran

through the features of its

latest Galaxy Note 10.1

launched in Lagos, mid-

week, many users who were

already having one brand of

tablets, notes and e-readers

or the other from

competition, were already

giving in to the temptation of

switching over.

Quite truly some quality time

and massive creativity were

utilised in making the device

and Samsung is displaying

the beauty with a lot of

swagger. It described the

device as new concept that

enhances productivity,

creativity and learning


Judging from the features,

the device could turn a user

from a passive consumer to

an active creator. From Note

taking to multi-tasking,

photo editing and drawing,

the new device gives business

professionals, creative

designers, students and even

the journalist some reason to

be confident in their jobs.

The two most unique

features of this device are

the split screen functionality

which gives room for

multitasking (writing or

surfing the net while

watching films for instance)

and the professional

handwriting functionality

which allows the stylus pen

to scribble on the screen

with ease.

The screen responds to your

fingers as usual, but also

works like a Wacom tablet

when you write with the

pressure-sensitive stylus.

That, really, is what no other

10inch tablet offers at the


When you remove the stylus

from the bottom of the Note

10.1, a shortcut bar appears

where you can launch,

Samsung’s S Note app or

others like web browser,

video player, email Gallery

and polaris office. All the

apps can be opened on the

screen simultaneously

without hassles. But the S

Note app appears the best

of all the extra apps

Samsung preloads on its

devices. It allows the user to

write notes, sketch and even

write formulas. The Text and

equations can afterwards be

converted to editable text.

The pen is highly responsive

and relatively comfortable to

use. Yet the regular standard

pen, also fits and even on

trial appeared better on the

screen than the capacitive

stylus. This means that losing

the stylus may not

incapacitate the user, after


The note runs on a fast

1.4GHz quad-core processor

and 2GB of RAM which

seems more than any what

other tablets possess. There’s

built-in GPS, Bluetooth and

also Wi-Fi direct for sharing

photos and other files with

compatible devices.

Another feature which give

the device some distinction is

the Smart Stay functionality.

When reading an article or

browsing the web for

instance, the Galaxy Note

10.1 detects the users face,

eyes and the screen will

remain on without

intelligently putting itself off

after some hours or minutes

as many tabs traditionally


The device was built with all

classes of people in mind.

For the business

professional, it allows for

frequent memos, detailed

documentation or meeting

presentations while

encouraging work on the

move. Incidentally everything

done on this Note can be

sync to the PC.

For the creative designer,

intuitive and creative thinker

as well as the artists and

digitizing professional, the

design software for mobile

use, gives a big leverage.

For Students, doing online

assignments, digital learning

social media and other

multimedia works are made

simple as a simple tap on the

note opens a world of

information to enrich


Yet the Journalist, has a

stake, taking advantage of

the ultimate performance of

the HSPA+21 and double

speed Wi-Fi which burns with

faster internet, downloads,

to report back to the office

no matter where. The device,

according to Samsung is

slightly above a N100.000.

Now, can you blame the

man who after the

presentation, vowed to give

away his other tab to his

grandmother in order to get

the new device?



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