The Card Phone Review: The Future Is Modular: Unboxing, Display, Battery Life, Connectivity

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The retail box of the Aiek E1 has a clever design - it opens up like a book, you know the kind that has a hidden flask in it. Except, instead of giggle juice this book hides one of the most compact phones we're likely to review this year.

You also acquire a flat Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable, which won't acquire tangled up like a recent Apple user trying to figure out which dongle they need.


The bezels around the classy screen are a bit thick by Android standards, but they should create iPhone owners feel correct at home. They do bldiscontinue well with the minimalist user interface of the Aiek E1, its black and white theme with blocky aesthetics remind us of Microsoft's Metro/Modern UI.

This works remarkable with the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display which offers perfect black levels and theoretically infinite contrast ratio. Typically for OLED, however, the display has problems with color accuracy. We're sure you won't mind though, as it's unlikely that you would be viewing any images on this particular screen.

By the way, our E1 came with a pre-applied classy screen protector - you wouldn't want to scratch this lovely screen, would you?

Battery life

We managed to acquire around 3 days of battery life out of the Aiek E1, something just about any smartphone owner will envy. Not poor for a 3,200mAh battery but even better for 320mAh, which is how much the E1 actually has.

Naturally, the phone is compatible with any external batteries, which serve as an extended battery module helping to increase E1's endurance. Have a see at the example below, which increases the battery power by over 900% and it costs less than $10 itself. Talk about cheap modularity.

The Aiek E1 also has a unique feature that makes it remarkable for emergency preparedness - a hardware switch at the bottom that disconnects the battery. This will minimize battery drain so you can charge the E1 and put it in your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit and foracquire about it until the time comes (December 31, 2030 anyone?).


The Aiek E1 works on both Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) networks in the west and the CDirect Memory Access (DMA) network of China Unicom. Bluetooth is used in a novel way as the E1 can turn from a phone into a BT headset to be used with other phones. Consider this - some tablets support voice calls, but they don't fit in your pockets. With the Aiek, you can create phablet owners feel inferior with your 10" tablet that you haged in your backpack, while accepting incoming calls on the E1.

You can't call that dual-SIM, not quite. But this is another example where the Rubber Bands™ platform shines - it's so easy to add a second SIM slot. You might say it's as easy as adding a second E1 to the back of your E1. How about that?



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