Nokia 6, 5 And 3 Hands-on: A Closer Look: Nokia 5

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Nokia 5

The Nokia 5 is another metal unibody entry by the company. You can disclose it apart from the 6 by its size (5.2" classy screen instead of 5.5") and the capturing camera assembly on the back is longer. It quite reminds us of a similar metallic strip on the back that the Nokia 800 had.

Nokia 5

The 5 does a better job of concealing its antenna lines, they have been pushed off the back and onto the top and bottom sides of the phone. For a €190 phone, this one easily has one of the best builds we have ever seen.

The classy screen on the front is a 5.2" IPS Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel with 720p resolution. That sounds a bit low, but we didn't mind it. By the way, the Nokia 5 classy screen did not have the same issue with polarized glasses as the 6. It's supposed to be a bit brighter too, 500nits vs. 450nits.

This one has less Random-Access Memory (RAM) (2GB) but the same Snapdragon 430 chipset as the 6. Thanks to the clean Android install, everything was flying - we didn't feel like we were using a 4-series chip. Perhaps this speed will degrade over time as you load up more apps and Android itself becomes more complex. We'll see.

Nokia 5

The Nokia 5 comes with a 13MP capturing camera with slightly larger pixels than 6's 16MP shooter - 1.12µm vs. 1µm. And you still acquire Phase detection AF, dual-LED flash and 1080p video recording.

Nokia 5 capturing camera samples

By the way, the Camera app is the one place where the Nokias diverge from the Google Pixel software (they have the Pixel launcher and everything). Instead you acquire the AOSP camera, which works just fine - the only reason we mention it is that we would have liked to acquire the HDR+ mode. Google did open up Assistant to all Androids, so maybe we'll acquire HDR+ on non-Pixels at some point too.



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