Honor 6X Vs. ZTE Blade V8 Pro: Dual Camera Duel: Conclusion

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Final words

Now that we've compared the major aspects of two ultra-value smartphones we are down to picking a winner. Both devices are winners in their own right, but if we chose a winner FOR you, we wouldn't be doing our jobs. We are here to provide you with all the relevant information needed for you to create a decision. Let's recap the results.

For starters, both devices are designed a bit differently when it comes to aesthetics. The Honor 6X is definitely representative of "thin beauty." Its design strikes a chord with elegance and simplicity while ZTE's is more rugged and durable. If you go with the 6X, we strongly recommdiscontinue you also pick up a classy screen protector and a case. Otherwise, ZTE can handle an all-nude lifestyle and is much less prone to scratching. That said, you'll definitely acquire more curious looks with the Honor 6X than with the ZTE's more conventional appearance.

If photography is your game, we have to recommdiscontinue the Honor 6X. Its capturing camera is more consistent with color accuracy, its dynamic range is great, and we preferred the more vibrant and flattering selfies from the 6X's front facing camera. The 6X's display is also superior in vibrance, brightness, color accuracy, and viewing angles. This display is a standout way to complement its camera.

Both devices are on par in the performance category; there is a numeric incompatibility in favor of the ZTE's Snapdragon 625, but the gap is negligible. You'll be able to pass the time with any casual game in Google Play's catalog with minimal hiccups. The ZTE scored (also) negligibly higher in our battery endurance tests, but ZTE's accurate advantage is Quick Charge 2.0 support, which ensures quick charging sessions from a depleted battery.

Given the retail price of these devices, ZTE was able to fit more into a $230 device. Honor's product is more polished in certain aspects like software and display, but some might argue that its price of $250 demands more than that. If you're after the most bang for your buck, ZTE's Blade V8 Pro also has a USB-C charging port, NFC, and 5Giga Hertz (GHz) Wi-Fi; the 6X has none of these.

If you're choosing a device for a first-time smartphone user, such as your kids or your parents, ZTE's Blade V8 Pro is the more obvious choice since it's cheaper and more durable. If you are looking for something to hrecent you off until the next iPhone comes out, Honor's 6X will offer a software experience that is quite familiar to iOS, down to the absence of an app drawer.

The average consumer is more likely to buy a smartphone that their mobile operator sells, so the online retail market is still a very recent concept to folks in the United States. That said, ZTE has definitely brought the heat, and competing for well-informed buyers will prove to be difficult in a mobile market as complicated and cutthroat as the United States'.



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