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I am very Sure many of us don't know that Hacking of 2go Account is very real, though the method we were aware of is Using Blue Ftp which I consider to be rubbish. Bad people were out their Setting big trap for You on how to h*ck Your 2go account with Ease .

Never mind people that told You to Visit a certain Site to get Free 2go Credit, its very Dangerous .

A friend of mine was chatting with one of his friends on 2go, and the guy told him to goto a Site name of the Site hidden for him to get unlimited gocredits. (You know we 9jaguys na, we lik free thinz lol)

To cut the story short, his 2go account was h*cked .

Warning to all 2go users: Don't try to input your 2go details (i.e username and password) on any Site apart from 2go Official Site if you do, your 2go account would be h*cked .

You won't be able to Login to your 2go account again. Also,your gocredits would be packed/Wiped away. Also, do not download 2go by a guy Called Olayiwole.

Okay, you still don't believe check the file details. For you to now salute me for what am posting, download the 2go and use your blueftp to open the file. You'll see de.class.bak it has been programmed in the 2go but you won't know!!

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice!!!


Question: My 2go account was h*cked and my password was changed. I then lost my number. How do i get my account back?

Answer: If there is no way of automatically recovering an account, you can always contact the support phone line. usually if you explain the situation, they will recover the account, or at least freeze it so people can not impersonate you.

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