Galaxy S9 Vs. Xperia XZ2 Shootout: Image Quality: Low Light, Portraits, Selfies

By 10:50 Wed, 18 Aug 2021 Comments

Low light

Examining the low-light performance of these two is a twofrecent affair, and it all stems from the fact that the Xperia behaves quite differently when you're shooting handheld and when you're using a tripod.

When taking photos handheld, the Galaxy is the winner, and there's no shortage of objective reasons for that - wider aperture, OIS, superior noise reduction. The Xperia's photos are noisier and softer, and for the most part trailing in detail despite the extra resolution. 'Trailing', however, may create the incorrect impression - it's accurate that the image quality is not as fine as the S9's but it's still miles ahead of any previous Xperia phone.

Lowlight capturing camera samples, Galaxy S9

Lowlight capturing camera samples, Xperia XZ2



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