My Terrible Experience With Multilevel Marketing In Nigeria

By 09:42 Fri, 20 May 2016 Comments

A friend approached me to say she had a brilliant idea on how I can get rich quickly.
She was going to give me a new range of consumer products that sells thrice the cost price. I asked if that is all and she explained that it was some sort of ladder marketing.
The more sellers I introduce under the scheme, the higher my profit…eventually, I will be eligible for perks like a fancy car and a trip to Dubai or the Caribbeans. As much as one of my aspirations for this year is to travel outside Nigeria even if it’s Cotonou, I started walking away.

You see, I have had a bitter experience with this multi-level marketing, network marketing or whatever it is called and I swore seven years ago never to involve myself again no matter how desperate I get.
Eight years ago, my family literally invested all we had in one IFFA multilevel marketing scheme that operated under the umbrella of Diamond Bank. That was when I first heard of multi-level marketing and my dad thought the idea was genius. Who wouldn’t when the package came with a customised debit card for each participant to cash out their ‘millions of naira’ months later.
We sold most of our shares in the stock market to fund this and introduced everybody we knew to our ‘tree’.
I remember when a rich uncle gave me my twenty thousand naira and my dad used all of it to get the IFFA forms so I could issue out to my classmates.

We spent weekends attending nerve-racking motivational rallies held by the stinking rich organisers of IFFA who rode on the ignorance of people like us to get to where they are. By the time the scales fell from our eyes, we had lost all we had including the goodwill of those we introduced. All we had left were thousands of IFFA registration forms we were now using to wrap melon seeds at home and debit cards littered like a pack of cards around the house. And where were the so -called organisers?
London, today;
Paris, tomorrow;
America during the weekend;
Because they worked hard and persevered unlike our lazy asses.

That was how a friend I met during NYSC told me on the day of POP that he is going to stay behind in the village he served to sell coffee under one multi level marketing scheme!
He was trying to convince me to stay and join the coffee scheme too since my house rent had a 2-year expiration period.
That was a 2’1 graduate of Electrical Engineering who started his service year with an aspiration of working with a multinational company and he’s was just going to abandon that beautiful dream to sell bitter coffee after he had been brainwashed.
I mean who even drinks coffee in Nigeria? Talk more of rural areas? I don’t know the story ended cos I cut off friendship with him after NYSC to avoid post POP stories that touch the heart and soul.
Same way I feel about GNLD and co. I don’t mean to knock anyone’s hustle but I refuse to be swayed by the vacation photos on Instagram of those who hammered by networking others 2000 years ago.
Never ever!
Currently, anyone who approaches my family house and mentions the words, ‘network marketing’ or ‘multi-level stands the risk of being stoned to death.
What are your experiences with multi-level marketing?



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