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akpors: ever since we broke up my life has never been the same...

Ekaitte:[bragin­g] you see? i told you to appreciate me while we were together but you turned out to be more foolish than i thot. your little brain gave you the thot that you could do everything without me. now, if you think that your little sentiments gonna make you win me back then you just have to forget!

Akpors: you left me without a job, money was an issue to me, i had nothing to call mine... and i used to walk to work place for more than 1hour... all that is......

Ekaiite:[interu­pts ­] is becoz of your stupidity idiot!!!

Akpors:[smillin ­g] ­ well... as i woz saying... all that is now gone!

Ekaitte:[curiou­s] what do you mean? huh?

Akpors: well... as i woz tellin you, my life has never been the same since we broke up coz i now have a great job and my very own house... you see that car over there? [pointing] that is mine..... my life is just greater than i ever thot it would!

Ekaitte:[calmly ­] hunnie... how can you ever forget about the tough time that we went thru together? how can you forget the way i showed u true love? i still love you sweety... dont leave me alone my love... you are the one for me....

Akpors: you left me heartlessly, to make matters worse you never even bothered to find out how i woz doing... and ooh! not to forget the was you spoke arogantly to me in the past few minutes... you know what? get out of my way and let me be! [walks towards his car n drives away]

she is left crying there helplessly, like a small baby.



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