My Landlord Acted Out What I See In Movies To My Face

By 06:45 Fri, 27 May 2016 Comments

It was yesterday at about 7.15pm after the lagos traffic,
There was a Knock at my Door, komkomkom, gbomgbomgbom..

My Sister went to see who was at the door, behold it was the almight LandLord...
He asked her to call the Brother, so my sister ddnt call Me, but called my elder brother.

Now the real matter,,,

LandLord= why are you using a gas cooker in this house? I dnt want it at all.

My Brother= ahh, sir, what is the Problem? We have been using this gas for years, why did u say we should stop using Gas, if we must stop, then you would have to call a meeting and ask all the tenant to stop using it.
Until then we know you are serious unless there is something u have in your mind that brought you up here,

LandLord= eeehh, so u can talk while am talking dnt worry you are leaving my house once your rent is Due.

He picked up his phone and called the elder brother who stays at the down flat, immediately, that one rushed up, as my brother was about explaining to him... See as my LandLord LAND MY BROTHER BIG SLAP THAT I HAD TO COME OUT. The elder Brother den took away my gas Cylinder and they both left.

I ddnt want a physical fight.,just wanted a legal fight .
I reported the case to the area Police and was giving an officer to go with me, when we got home, knocked at his door, he refused to open the door, so the officer left.
Today again, i went to the station and they had to call him on phone to report to the station.

My good people Of nairaland, i dnt to talk about the police matter now, those once are even another problem, they are just there to collect money, but i will talk about them when diz case is over.

Please i need diz guy and his Brother to pay for diz, even if i will leave the compound, in future,they will never try it with other people. So pls i need your advise on this.
Make una no mind my English oooo, my head no det work for now angry



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