I Will Never Forget What Goodluck Jonathan Did - Buhari

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[/i][/b]PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has finally ruled-out possibility of inviting ex-President Goodluck Jonathan for questioning over cases of corruptions, most especially, the popular Armsgate scandal during his administration, saying the ex-President has earned respect world-over for a singular act after 2015 elections.

Buhari who said he was shocked to have receive Jonathan’s call even before the presidential election result was declared also said such incidence in his life remain unforgettable.

Reacting to questions when some journalists interview the President during the week, Buhari revealed that he remains grateful to the former President.

Hear him: “I think is one of the incidences in my life that I will never forget, I could even remember the time, it is quarter past five in the evening. He call me, of course we recognize each other voices. He said, good evening Your Excellency and I say ha Good evening Your Excellency and then a temporary silence from both sides then I heard I am calling you to congratulate you that I have conceded, that you have won the election and congratulations.

“And now of course, there was absolute silence from my own side, because I haven’t recovered from the shock, because the reality of the situation is for somebody who have been a deputy governor, a governor, a vice president and then a president suddenly for six years to concede during election even before the counting was completed I think he shows some great statesmanship.

“So quickly, that is why I changed my mind I said Your Excellency, he said do you hear what I said thank you Your Excellency for your statesmanship. I think if you play back because it was recorded that is how I quickly came out of it.

“And certainly for that he earned the respect not only of Nigerians, but the world over, because in the state of our development political, when change of government is done through the barrel of the gun. Then a substantive seating President conceding before even the figures are been collated[b]




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