Visiting The Sins Of The Father Upon The Children

By 12:15 Sun, 29 May 2016 Comments

What one sow, one shall reap and everyone shall be accountable for what he or she does ?

The concept of the sin of the father shall be visited on his sons and generation seems like an unjust judgement...

Why must the punishment for the evil sins of a father who killed, looted, commited adultery and so on, be melted on an innocent child who has no control over the family he enters into and has not commited any sin ?

Why shld the doer not be punished for his offence ? There are scenarios in the word where even after the father sins and he is forgiven, punishment will still be pronounced on the unborn children even up to the 4th generation ?

I thought we are wonderfully and beautifully made ,why make some innocent child the scapegoat of an ancestral curse ?



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