Man gets girlfriend arrested as part of his marriage proposal plan

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A man came up with an elaboratemarriage proposal, which involved his girlfriend being arrested.

The Brunswick, Canada man decided to participate in a radio contest, where the strangest wedding proposal wins money for the wedding.

When his girlfriend, Marcia Belyea, heard about the radio contest, she suggested that they enter. Little did she know that her boyfriend, Ben Vienneau, took her seriously and came up with a strange and scary proposal.

One day, while the couple was riding in a car, they were pulled over by a police officer. Belyea was asked by officers to step out of the car and she was placed into the squad car. She began crying because she was under the impression that she was going to jail, but it was just part of her boyfriend¡¯s unique marriage proposal.

Vienneau and his brother-in-law, who is a police officer, arranged the proposal. The officer, who pulled them over, told Belyea thatshe had $2,000 in unpaid parking tickets and she may be facing 30 days in jail plus a fine.

She was sitting in the back of the police car crying when her boyfriend approached and the officer offered her an "alternative" to being arrested.

"Ben and I have reached an agreement, the officer said, in which we agreed to waive the fine if you take his hand in marriage," the officer said. Belyea said yes, got out of the police car, accepted the ring and hugged her boyfriend.

Fortunately, it had a happy ending. Vienneau and Belyea are in love and have two children together.

Now, the couple hopes that the popularity of their video, will help them win the radio contest, where the winner will receive$20,000 towards a wedding.



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