Shocking story of how Abuja prophet exhumed pot of charms from salon

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There are indeed powers of darkness at work, and some people are proud agents. Read this eye opening story below.

Ignorance might have played some dangerous pranks on the young proprietress of Happy International Hair Dressing Salon, Mrs. Happy Arikpo-Michael.

She was, apparently, unaware that the business premises she had acquired on lease had beneath its beautifully tiled floor, some fetish materials, capable of scaring away both the old and potential customers.

She was confident in herself and trusted her ability to deliver quality services to customers. But after a period of no good results from her business, Mrs. Arikpo-Michael whose salon is located at Zone 6 Lugbe 2, Airport Road, Abuja, wondered why customers were not patronising her salon as much as expected, not even her old customers would like to come near her salon.

Worried, Happy invited the pastor of her church, Prophet Abubakar Emmanuel Ajodo, General Overseer of In His Presence Prayer Mission (a.k.a Daily Miracle), Lugbe, Abuja, to the salon to pray and anoint the place for spiritual cleansing for a reversal of the negative situation.

With a hoe and cutlass, the prophet broke and ripped open part of the floor of the salon to get at a bow of calabash of a modest size with cover and was subsequently exhumed from beneath the floor of the salon.

Fetish Calabash

In the full glare of members of the public, a pot containing a lifeless pigeon was exhumed. Many onlookers were either scared stiff or held spell bound, because of the content of the calabash.

In her explanation, the dressing salon operator stated:

“I was in my working place which I collected on June 29, 2016, when I called on my prophet to come and pray for me, because there is no work, and finally when my daddy in the Lord came, he found out that there is something in the ground and there are tiles on the floor of the salon.

“So, he now prayed, and after the prayer, he asked me to go and bring him a cutlass; before I went to get the cutlass, my own mother was already at the place and as I was away to get the cutlass, my mother ran after me and said I should come and see what the prophet has removed from the ground in the salon.

When I came back to the salon, I saw a calabash with a cover and inside it, there was a big dead pigeon and other juju materials. The summary is that these are the things making customers not to come to my salon, and if I work, the money would go to the woman that gave me the shop. So, that is how we found out the place was under a spell.”However, Happy appears to be standing between the devil and the deep blue sea, in the sense that her attempt to tackle and overcome this spiritual bondage has brought her face-to-face with the threat of her landlady, who is now spitting fire.

Voodoo contract

In tears, Happy told Inside Abuja that:

“Now, the woman is boasting and threatening that she is going to fight me physically and spiritually, and that I should go and bring the fetish things back into the salon. She told me she was the one that put or buried the juju there, and I should pay her some money; whether I have stayed up to a complete month or not, is not her business.

She said I must give her all the money I made throughout my stay, since I decided to destroy the juju pot. But I did not make any money; that is even the reason I invited my church pastor to pray on the place.

“There is nothing for me to use to pay. It’s only when I get customers and make money that I can pay any money. She insisted I must pay the money before she would return from Lagos and that I have forgotten that she is an Ijebu woman and let me wait and see what will happen to me.

I first gave her the sum of N3,550, being the money so far made from the sales of such items as weave-on, relaxers and shampoo. But she said I must pay her N6,000. I am only two weeks old there, and people know me in salon business but since I moved into that place, no customer has come to patronise me, even my old customers avoid me.For this woman who leased the place to me, she was making it or getting customers when she was using the place herself. Knowing that the juju is no longer bringing customers, she deceived and made me move into the place, so that whether customers or no customers, I must pay her money.”

Happy further told Inside Abuja that, due to the threats issued by her landlady, she had to move out of the business premises in peace, more so when the prophet further announced that it was not yet time to celebrate, as more fetish objects were still buried in the four corners of the salon. According to Happy, the prophet’s later revelation drove some cold shivers down her spine, even though the prophet was very much on hand to tackle the situation.

Scriptural background

Prophet Ajodo confirmed to Inside Abuja that the original owners of the shop threatened to deal with the salon operator.

He said: "People are so wicked. Everything was going down day by day; for the period of time she spent there, nobody was coming. She made a phone call to me telling me ‘daddy, I need you to come and pray in the shop.’

He however assured that no harm will come to her “because we are on the Lord’s side and the Lord is the Head of all principalities and powers,” according to the scriptures.

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