Ladies, check out these corporate Ankara styles for the modern woman

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Hey Lovelies.

These days it’s really hard to grasp or comprehend the style guide for any work environment. You can imagine how people look to work nowadays, it’s definitely different from 5 years ago, there are so many companies that have become more lenient with what is acceptable as a proper work outfit.

This brings me to the induction of the African print fabric into the work-sphere (work atmosphere).

There is a reasonable amount of people that would have argued back then that the African fabric and African fashion would never find its way into the works-sphere except on casual Friday and asoebi styles, and their excuse was that Africa was too westernized to appreciate their own acclaimed fabricS, now these people would be greatly shocked at how things have changed.  No longer is the African print fabric put at the back, now you can wear it to work any day, anytime.

Because of this induction, the fashion enthusiast, fashion and style bloggers , fashion designers, Infleuncer and stylist have taken it upon themselves to assemble an acceptable work outfit in the best way so that a lot of people would not abuse this change causing the positive effect to revert. I dare say their enthusiasm that influenced this change in the first place has once again influenced what one should sew using the fabric in order to meet the work place criteria.

Below we have five pictures of acceptable looks you can rock to work using the African print fabric; This are the corporate Ankara wear you should take inspiration from, they are the latest fashion styles in African fashion

The styles are very simple and not too over the top, it’s something everyone can pull off and this is no matter the type of work environment you actually find yourself in. Remember all you have to do is find the right fabric that fits the rule book and you are good to go. Take another look at the styles above, as they would influence your choice in the best possible way and also remember you could rock this look even when you have on an African hairstyle.



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