EA Events Narrates Shocking Story Of How A Man Made A Fool Of A Desperate Woman

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Lailan EA Events has shared this sad story about a lady who was supposed to marry a guy, but the guy turned out to be worst than a beast. Read this and learn. Ladies, please be wise in your choice of a life partner

Hello Laila, how is work and family, hope you are doing great?  

Laila I am so sad and bitter, this world is wicked, I don't even know where to start from, I am so pained.

I got a job from a friend to decorate a client's wedding, we discussed  and agreed, so it's left for the client to credit our account, ‎the wedding is suppose to be on the 30th of July, that's tomorrow.

For almost a week now we haven't heard from the groom, his phones have been switched off, ( I didn't even bother myself, that's event world for you, clients can so disappoint).

Only for my friend to call me now to to tell me  a very sad and wicked story.

That the so called groom is a fraudster,  that the groom have been collecting money from the lady, he even staged a fake proposal at a popular fast food joint, that the guy met her in her salon ( the lady own a very big salon, he went for a pedicure). He saw her crying and he asked her why she was crying.

She said that her boyfriend just jilted her, the guy told her that he would take care of her and even marry her. That's where their love started. They dated for 4months before he proposed to her and they did their  introduction.

Fast forward to now, the wedding is tomorrow, the groom is no where to be found, all his phones are switched off. The lady have bought her cloths, paid MUA in advance, even the hall have been booked only the caterer and event decorator haven't been booked ( I wonder if the guy used jazz on her, to make her start spending all her money like that)

What's really vexing me  is that(apart from the fact that the job was cancelled), I later found out that the lady (bride to be) was my hairstylist, she is a matured lady( in her late 30s) friendly and very hardworking and she is so wants to get married and have kids, it's so sad Laila.

When she was asked to contact the guy's family, she said the guy told her that his family are based abroad, she have been feeding, clothing and sheltering this man, with her hard earned money ( to me I feel she caused all this rubbish, she would have sought God's face first and investigated first before investing time, energy and money on him) 

But what's pissing me off is why did the so called groom treated her like this, stole from her (chop for hand, chop for under), when he know that he won't marry her, why make her spend so much? What a big disgrace on her part. The guy feels he is smart but God his smarter.

I can't just imagine the embarrassment after telling all her friends even informed her people in the village.

People  are saying that it's spiritual husband that is fighting her.

 Some are saying she is stupid and too desperate.

Others are saying that it's God's will, because they aren't meant to be.

Please my fellow Lailans and Laila. Please judge this matter, IS IT FAIR?

See as I put the matter for head, well am human and also a woman, just thought to share it with my fellow Lailans and Lailan, abeg don't mind my gramma, make I face my work here jare.

Please Ladies and even gentlemen, shine your eyes when choosing a partner, my pastor would say, it's not to much to fast for a day and seek the face of God concerning marriage. ‎ Don't be desperate, please wait for God, and be careful who you spend your hard earned money on, as you rush in you would rush out. It's well.

Kemi, EA events and services



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