'My Boyfriend Keeps Infecting Me With STIs And Keeps Denying It..'

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Hi Laila, please share this story on your blog. I need to know what fellow Lailans would advise.

Hi good day.  Pls hide my friend's id, thanks. I need urgent advice on this please. I met a guy last year September and we fell in love. The problem is that he gets angry whenever a guy calls me but wants me to accept his calls from other girls.  I really don't have issues with it but the fact dat whenever we go for test, it will be one infection or another gives me the creeps. We use condoms but when ever it burst, he gets me infected. After we treated 3 infections (staph, uti, ecoli ), I decided not to make love to him again, he didn't stop.b Whenever I visit him, he would force me to bed and then beg for forgiveness. Some days ago, he went for test nd found out he got anoda infection (streptoccocus agalactiea) again. I asked if he is still seeing his exs but he denied, but when I checked his call log, I saw conversation btw him and two of dem. I'm confused cos each infection comes with a new name and when I ask him how come I have it, he would deny it. I've not met anyone for sex ever since we started dating coz I love him so much. I'm just tired of d infections. We are planning on getting married by next year but I'm scared if dis is wat i will experience for life. I left his house since dat day and I'm thinking of calling everything off coz I am scared for my life. Pls guys I need answers coz I'm loosing respect for him. Each time he calls I feel like breaking up but just couldnt coz of the love I have for him. I need to know what to do please. Thanks



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