Lagos Dumps 70 Beggars In Onitsha

By 06:14 Fri, 26 Jul 2013 Comments

The Lagos State government

relocated 70 beggars to the

Upper Iweka Bridge,

Onitsha, Anambra State.

They were dumped at 3am

at Upper Iweka after being

detained in Ikorodu, Lagos,

for over six months for

alleged wandering and other

minor offences by the Lagos

State Kick Against

Indiscipline officials.

The Chairman of Nigeria Red

Cross Society in the South-

East, Dr. Peter Katchy,

condemned it. He said, “It’s

very deplorable; it’s very

disheartening that a state in

the Federal Republic of

Nigeria will bundle people,

who are not even indigenes

of Anambra State, and

dump them under the

flyover at Upper Iweka in

Onitsha. Many of the

people, we have interviewed

are not indigenes of

Anambra State. Some of

them are from Ebonyi State;

some are from Imo State

among other states. It is an

insult to Anambra State. We

shall draw the attention of

the governor of Anambra

State to ask the reason for

such an invasion of his

territory. We will find out

why Lagos State should

invade Anambra State

territory; and why Lagos

State should dump people

here and leave them




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