HOT SEAT MONDAY IS HERE AGAIN - Meet Lailan Gift Okonofua

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Hey guys, a happy new week to you and yours. Welcome to another episode of Hot Seat Mondays!!!

Today we have with us a wonderful Lailan whose smile will so gladden your heart. Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to welcome Lailan, Gift Okonofua on our hot seat!

Sit back, relax and enjoy...

TILB: Welcome to HSM Gift dear, May we please know you

GIFT: Wow am so happy right now, Am okonofua Gift Isi and I comment as DAMSEL AKA Miss Indomie says so. I'm from Edo state, Esan central Ewu, From a family of five, three girls and two boys, am the first child and as well first daughter, my dad is late and just have my Mom.

TILB: I'm sorry about your dad dear... What can you say was the most important thing learnt from him before he passed?

GIFT: Thanks, my dad taught me a lot. I had a close relationship with my dad, you can call me daddys girl but that didn't mean I received preferential treatment from him. He was always correcting when I did wrong and I learnt from him to be hard working and it has really helped me a lot.

TILB: Awww... I'm sure wherever he is, he will be proud of his baby girl

GIFT: Yes he will

TILB: So dear tell us more about you, your kind of person, your fondest childhood memories... Things like that

GIFT: Am a student of auchi poly, auchi, studying banking and finance, currently in HND2. Am a fun loving and jovial kind of person, no dull moment with me.

 I have a passion for acting and hope to concentrate on my acting career when I graduate.

My fondest childhood memory - Will be the during christmas, so I decided to visit my neighbors and was already calculating how much I would realize from the visit. Only for me to get to the various houses and they were all offering me food and drink and I would delay hoping they would give me money but no show and at the end of the day I ended up having stomach upset from the combination of foods I ate.

TILB: (Laughs)... Sorry. So dear, tell us the woman you've grown to be and the woman you hope to be

GIFT: Have grown to be a Woman who is hard working, Independent and focused and I hope to be a woman who is career driven either as an actress or as a financial analyst and impact positively in peoples lives

TILB: That's fantastic... I'm sure you've heard the viral news about career women, cooking, marriage... What is your take on these issues

GIFT: I feel its based on your personality and ability to balance your career life and family life,if you focus on one and neglect the other,there will surely be a problem. There is an adage that says the way to a mans heart is through his stomach,women should always cook for their husbands and not comparing themselves with the western world,African men don't play with their stomach.

TILB: Alright.. Interesting perspective... Let's play a game for a little bit... Are you ready?

GIFT: Yes I am

TILB: Alright, i'm gonna write down some words and you'll use just one word to tell me how you feel

GIFT: Ok nice,am ready

TILB: LailasBlog

GIFT: Family

TILB: Sex before marriage

GIFT: overrated

TILB: Boys 

GIFT: Logical

TILB: Homosexuality 

GIFT: Evil

TILB: Buhari

GIFT: Unfortunate

TILB: EA and John Andza

GIFT: Outspoken and Gentle

TILB: Nollywood

GIFT: Innovative

TILB: Hmmm... Internet bullies and trolls

GIFT: Jobless

TILB: (laughs)... Laila Ijeoma

GIFT: Inspiring

TILB: Nigerian Economy 

GIFT: Fluctuating

TILB: Love

GIFT: Amazing

TILB: That was interesting... Now let's talk about politics. You just said President Buhari is unfortunate. Why do you feel so? 

GIFT: Because he came into government when our economy is experiencing recession and paucity of funds and Nigerians are not patient,we like quick result forgetting the problems we are experiencing now started a long time ago and blame him for all our woes.

Even the one he didn't inflict

TILB: Hmmm... Do you think he will be able to transform this country? 

GIFT: Sincerely as it is now I doubt,except for a miracle.

TILB: It is well... What do you think the youths must do to better this country

GIFT: By taking the bull by the horn,By been creative and create opportunities for ourselves and not relying on the government and let us be the change,we all anticipate for,only when we change our mindset that's  when we can have a better Nigeria.

TILB: profound.. Let's talk about marriage and family... One crazy question; For whom would you sacrifice your career for... Your husband or your kids? 

GIFT: Lolzzz so technical, Dear future husband, please dnt get jealous,I would sacrifice my career for my kids.

TILB: (laughs).. I'm sure he will understand... So, what are the qualities you look out for in a man? 

GIFT: #smiles, he must be God-fearing, honest, have a good dress sense and focused.

TILB: Haha... And have you found that man. Rather has he found you?

GIFT: Still searching for him. In adekunle Gold's voice,Oluwa provide a boo.

TILB: Amen o (smiles)... Let's say your ideal man finally finds you and he tells you he earns 50,000 a month... Would you marry him? 

GIFT: Hahahahaha,yes I would,Rome was not built in a day,we have to start from somewhere as far he has a vision.

TILB: Lol... A lot of ladies always give this same answer, but they end up not staying true to it though... 

GIFT: That's a lot of ladies but this is coming from Gift and I stick with my words,I guess am different **side eyes**.

TILB: Alright, that's really good to know... Check this scenario out;  Kclub, Uncle Babs, Ed Dreams and Obinna Azubuko... Who will you hug, kiss, date and marry?

GIFT: Lolzzz, I would marry  Kclub he's kinda of reserved. I would date Obinna Azubuko, Kiss Ed dreams, he is Bonita's property I can't drag with her and hug Uncle Babs.

TILB: hahaha, interesting... Anyways, Let's talk more about you. Tell us what your life's philosophy is

GIFT: Do not strive for perfection but being yourself at all times and impacting positively in people's lives.

TILB: Most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to you

GIFT: Lolzz, five years ago I went to visit my aunt in sango ota for the holiday, so after the holiday elapsed I boarded a bus going to benin from lagos. I was at the park and was ok, immediately we left lagos, omo my body system change. I had a stomach upset and my stomach was making funny noises.

I thought I could bear it but 'Mba' I couldn't. I was sweating profusely and at the same time pressed, I was so shy to tell the driver to stop me but when I couldn't hold it anymore I had to tell the driver to stop and I entered the bush and handled my business. Omo after that I felt normal,as I was entering the bus, Na so dem they look me with side eyes but me I nor send, I was just smiling as if nothing happened, even when we got to ORE fear nor allow me buy anything to eat.

TILB: Hahaha, that's quite embarrassing... What about the craziest thing you've ever done

GIFT: Lolzzz we organized a social gathering in church and we were asked to pick a partner and dance,Omo I was partner less, I danced with all the guys and the party ended at about 12.

I danced from 12am  to 4am and the funny thing is I wasn't drunk and didn't feel tired one bit when I guess it was because I was sad and wanted to let go of my worries. Normally I can't dance for long.

TILB: If a genie asks you to make just one wish, what would it be?

GIFT: I would wish for happiness.

TILB: Gift in five years time, who and what will she be?

GIFT: Gift would either be a famous actress or an Entrepreneur or probably both, married#shinesteeth,with two children and a lovely hubby.

TILB: We wish you all the very best dear. Any final word for Lailans? 

GIFT: Don't change to please people,if they can't accept you for who you are,then you don't need them in your life,be yourself at times.

TILB: Thank you so much for your time dear. It was a real pleasure doing this with you

GIFT: You too dear

There you have it guys... Gift was such a delight and has always been a great Lailan.

Remember guys, you all deserve to be celebrated and that is what HSM stands for. Until we come your way again next week, stay blessed, stay beautiful.




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