Lailans, Who Wants To Join Our 'Chat & Connect' Party?

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If you're looking for someone to chat with for as long as you're both willing to stay connected, please by all means necessary, join us every Tuesday henceforth on this blog for Laila's blog Chat & Connect.

This post is for you if you have good intentions and don't want to be alone any more or feel lonely any more.

How to play: 

Just step forward and drop your email address if you are available and looking forward to meeting someone on the internet. After doing that, go through the comments and see who has a personality you will want to connect with.1. The idea behind this is to have FUN!! Also note that Laila's blog 'Chat & Connect' is very different from 'Laila's Cupid' which comes up every Thursday.

2.. Note also that 'Chat & Connect' can take place between male & female Lailans, between female Lailans and between male Lailans.

3. Laila's blog 'Chat & Connect' is aimed at bringing people of all backgrounds together to mingle, help our likeness for each other grow stronger, put smiles on each other's face even without meeting in person.

4. HOWEVER, if you end up becoming best friends with whoever you meet on Laila's blog ''Chat & Connect'' or both of you end up becoming church members or knacking each na una sabi... JUST HAVE FUN!

5. This post will always come up every Tuesday.

6. Once the post is published, you are to go under the comment section and drop the following info about yourself:

    Your Email address or BBM pin. PLEASE NO PHONE NUMBERS    Your Gender    Your COUNTRY of location     A short intro about who you are, your personality, then the kind of person you'll love to meet    For example, this is a mail from one of us:Hello Laila,

I need both male and female friends who reside in Onitsha. I joined my husband here after our wedding last year and honestly, It hasn't been easy. The town is boring the living day light out of me  Although i enjoy the serenity sometimes but being someone who grew up in Lagos, adapting to life here has been difficult. My hubby is trying his best but he is not always around please I want friends who are blog readers who stay in Onitsha and would want to hook up to please reach me.  My hobbies include swimming, playing video games, watching movies, Baking cakes etc. I want friends here. I also need someone who can help brush my baking skill especially in making fondant icing. I want to also learn other learnables, Please Onitsha BV's should reach me at Amakajennifer610@gmail.com7.  Some of you may have particular Lailans you want to chat with. If that is your case:

Once the post is published, go under the comment section and mention the name of the Lailan you want to connect and chat with along with your intro and email address. 

If he/she agrees, he/she will contact you through your email address.

8.  USE YOUR OWN DISCRETION IF YOU HAVE ANY PLANS TO PHYSICALLY MEET UP WITH ANYBODY.  Laila's Blog has no business with that neither will we be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any issues of any kind.

9.  There will be a post on Friday asking you all how your chats with readers you contacted went. 

Readers can compose an email of the summary of their "Chat & Connect" moment together and forward it to

All mails would be published alongside our Anything Goes post so that all Lailans all over the world can read, comment and have fun.

10. Please be open minded, guys.

Laila's blog Chat & Connect is open to EVERYONE, whether you are a regular blog visitor or today is your first day here. Just make sure you have fun.

Good luck!



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