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It will be called ''Talk to me Wednesday'' and it's going to be about what's bothering each and every one of us, including me.

Are you depressed in need of someone to talk to that wouldn't judge you?

Send me your mails anonymously. Send them to Lailasblog@gmail.com

Whatsoever it is, I will publish them anonymously.

A bag of rice has jumped from N8000 to N20,000 and there's no hope. Salaries have not been paid months on end. How is this affecting you and your family? How are your loved ones coping? You guys are not able to feed?

Send me your story.

You can't pay your school fees because your parents gave it to you and you squandered it on a girl you are obsessively in love with and trying so hard to impress? Send me a mail.

You have rent you and your widow mum and five siblings are being pursued around for? Are you being victimized by someone at work, in your streets, even at home? You are worried you are 38 and you can't find love still? You were raped by a trusted friend, loved one and you have been suffering in silence?

Share your most inner fears with the house.

It will be done anonymously, you have NOTHING to lose, no shame whatsoever, rather you have an opportunity to connect with your solution/helper.

We will be doing this every Wednesday.

 The idea just came to me because I want to lend my voice to creating public awareness about the tough times we are in, depression and help people. Recent events in the news remind me people need avenues where they can do more than just gossip and throw rants and curses.

My mum in law sells wholesale foodstuffs. The stories she comes home to tell us everyday about her customers who are suffering because of the high prices of foodstuff these days is heartbreaking.

And I said instead of waiting till next week Wednesday, why not start today even though it's a Thursday.

There's a rule here - every hate, negative comment on our 'Talk to Me Wednesday'' will be deleted. 

The aim here is to open up an avenue where people, who are messed up, have obviously messed up but deep in their hearts want to find their way to the right place come to rest and find support.

You were promiscuous and you contracted HIV and you are now suffering in silence, please send me a mail, so we can be your shoulder to cry on.

I have 3 sons, I would never want any of them to turn out gay, God forbid. But then, are you struggling with emotions for the same sex as you?

'Talk to Me Wednesday' is going to be STRICTLY a NO HATE COMMENT zone.

Sorry if you don't like it that way.

All of us have made gross mistakes at one point in our lives, so there's no way you can claim to be holier.

I have provided an avenue for healing to all of us that need it. If you are reading and you feel this medium was created for you, send me your story. Let's bear it together.

So many people are suffering, many depressed people don’t even have a name for their predicament, or even know where to turn for help.

Guys, let's create a forum that will help them. Let's use Laila's blog 'Talk to Me Wednesday' and help everyone that sends in their mails.

If you are suffering, please don’t suffer in silence. Send us your story - Lailasblog@gmail.com

Depression respects no one. It kills. It is painful, but it is also treatable - earlier rather than later for the sake of “life”.

It is time we all get educated, and I am doing my bit to do something about it. What about you?

Depression is not weakness...seeking help is a sign of strength.

However, if your life is perfect and we have no one on this blog that is hurting, depressed, going through tough times, in pains, hence no mails to share, that's awesome! May our lives continue to be this blissful then.

I'm expecting your mails. All of them will be shared anonymously.

Or what do you think about our new column? Talk to me, guys.



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