Hot Seat Monday Is Here! Meet Lailan Mikael Bryant

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Hey guys, a happy new week to you and yours. Welcome to another episode of Hot Seat Mondays!!!

Today we have with us a Lailan who is a 'deadly' combo of intelligence, charm and good looks. Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to welcome Lailan, Mikael Bryant on our hot seat!

Sit back and enjoy his very interesting interview below.

TILB: Welcome to hot seat Monday. Please introduce yourself

Mikael Bryant: Thank you. My names are Nzubechukwu Mickeal Henry Ezeme. I am from Nkpor in Idemili North LGA in Anambra state and I am also a proud Chelsea fan.

TILB: What was growing up like?

Mikael Bryant: Growing up was fun in a normal family way. We are five in numbers. Three girls, two boys and I am the second son. My father is a staunch Christian and also a man that you dare not disobey but things start to fell apart when I was enrolled in a seminary school.

TILB: What happened?

Mikael Bryant: I dropped out after just four months. My father was very annoyed with me and sent me back with clear instructions that I should not consider coming back home if I dare dropped out again. He wants me to be a priest

TILB: What happened after you left?

Mikael Bryant: I was at the school like  a year and six months before I dropped out again and eventually went to live with my uncle in port Harcourt. My father was very much disappointed in me then

TILB: Have you resolved the issues with him?

Mikael Bryant: Yes we have. We are best of friends now. He is my greatest motivator

TILB: That is great

TILB: What are you doing presently?

 Mikael Bryant: For now I'm working as a manager in my uncle’s hotel in port Harcourt though that's not my dream job

TILB: What is your dream job?

 Mikael Bryant: Federal Civil Servant

TILB: What of your education?

Mikael Bryant: Graduate of political sciences.

TILB: What is it like working in a hotel?

 Mikael Bryant: It's a bit stressful and demands a lot of attention but am not complaining. It pays my Bill

TILB: What funny experiences have you had with customers?

Mikael Bryant: Lol. So many things do happen in a hotel. I had encounter with a runs girl that came with her guy and was like begging me for a room to spend the night and when I refused, she offered to pay me in kind. I was surprised and jokingly asked her about her guy and she said that will not be a problem. That I will be the first to *do*before her guy. It was funny and embarrassing.


TILB: That's very funny

Mikael Bryant: Yea

TILB: What do you like to do for fun?

Mikael Bryant: I stay indoors a lot except when am in the hotel. I love playing games like PS and I also love swimming

TILB: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

Mikael Bryant: The day I was robbed by some group of guys (area boys) leaving me with only my boxers.

TILB: Lool

Mikael Bryant: No be small thing

TILB: What is your ideal lady? That is, what qualities do you look out for in a woman?

Mikael Bryant: An Educated,intelligent and disciplined woman with fear of God. Tribe and religion will not be a problem

TILB: Are you presently in any relationship?

Mikael Bryant: Yea.

TILB: Hope she has all the qualities you listed

Mikael Bryant: Yes. You might even know her. She comments frequently on Lailasblog

TILB: Hmmm! I will let the readers guess or you want to tell us?

Mikael Bryant: Let the readers guess

TILB: Ok, Where do you see yourself in 5years?

Mikael Bryant: I Will like to be successful and financially sound and also married to my ideal woman and I Will also love to banish my greatest fear

TILB: What is your greatest fear?

Mikael Bryant: Fear of failure. I hate failing. After my initial disagreement with my father, I have come to realize that I cannot I hope to be successful and banish that demon IJN.

TILB: Amen. So what do you think of Buhari's statement about where his wife belongs?

Mikael Bryant: It was not impressive  coming from a leader of a nation. It's nation. It’sonly in Africa that you Will hear this kind of comments. Women have no designated place in a home and if you as a man refused to help your wife with the house chores just because you think doing it Will make you less a man, then you are never a man in the first place

TILB: Chelsea just beat Manchester 4-0 did you predict that before the game?

Mikael Bryant: No. I did not expect Manchester united to lose by that margin but am so happy. UpChelsea!

TILB: What is your greatest achievement in life?

Mikael Bryant: I have achieved a lot in life but my greatest achievement is being educated and disciplined

TILB: How will you describe yourself?

Mikael Bryant: Focus,intelligent and easy going guy with a lot of determination to be successful. Am not too religious but I fear God

TILB: Let's talk about the Forum. How did you get to know of Wapbaze's Forum?

Mikael Bryant: I heard about it from a friend of mine

TILB: What do you like about the Forum?

Mikael Bryant: The closeness. it's like a family. I so much love the togetherness

TILB: Anything you don't like about the Forum? Something you would want to change?

Mikael Bryant: Nothing for now except the anonymous..mehn they are so annoying sometimes but they are part of the family sha

TILB: Which Lailans would you love to meet?

Mikael Bryant: I would love to meet everybody including Wapbaze herself.

TILB: Anything you want to say to fellow readers?

 Mikael Bryant: Stay focus and always believe in yourself and you Will achieve whatever you want in life

TILB: Was nice getting to know you

Mikael Bryant: Thanks, The pleasure is mine.



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