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Jackson Browne has release a posthumous package titled Downhill From Everywhere It was arguably the Rock event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, Downhill From Everywhere album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 10 tracks listings.

Jackson Brownes Downhill From Everywhere has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2021 Inside Recordings.

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Album:Downhill From Everywhere
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Record Label:℗ 2021 Inside Recordings
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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Jackson Browne – Downhill From Everywhere Zip Mp3 Download

Jackson Browne returns with a new album “Downhill From Everywhere” and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Jackson Browne - Still Looking For Something
  2. Jackson Browne - My Cleveland Heart
  3. Jackson Browne - Minutes To Downtown
  4. Jackson Browne - A Human Touch
  5. Jackson Browne - Love Is Love
  6. Jackson Browne - Downhill From Everywhere
  7. Jackson Browne - The Dreamer
  8. Jackson Browne - Until Justice Is Real
  9. Jackson Browne - A Little Soon To Say
  10. Jackson Browne - A Song For Barcelona

Public Reviews for Jackson Browne – Downhill From Everywhere From Itunes:

This is Jackson Browne?!

Worst Jackson Browne album ever. Obviously he just needs to just give up because this whole album is forgettable and the lyrics are repetitive and not what Jackson used to put out. I’m so glad that I have Apple Music and didn’t pay for this album. Yikes! By BManC

definately downhill

dissapointing, not the jackson brown i remember growing up. nothing on here that compares to late for the sky, the pretender or for everyman By cowdirt

"Downhill From Everywhere"

This is exactly what we could have expected from Jackson Browne in 2021 - still at the top of his songwriting game, working with a great band - and sounding pretty great vocally, by the way. He has always moved forward, exploring new musical and thematic horizons without forsaking the idiomatic foundation he has built since starting out.

The five new songs here are uniformly terrific and add some distinct elements to his portfolio: nothing in Jackson Browne's body of work is quite like the ambitious "Song For Barcelona", which, in addition to showing off Val MCallum and Greg Liesz, sounds like a not-too-distant cousin of Gipsy Kings material and deftly adds a reference to Gaudí to his his voicing of Lorca verse in "Danza Da Lúa En Santiago" and the reference to Goya in "Sergio Leone" - something for everyone interested in Spanish culture, moving West to East across Iberia. More, he adds singing in French ("Love Is Love") and Catalán ("Song For Barcelona") to previous forays into Gallego ("Danza") and Spanish, the Spanish including the chorus from "The Dreamer", included here from 2017 but with it's currency restored by this month's DACA-limiting ruling by a U.S. District Court in Texas. Also eerily topical: "Love Is Love", an ode to those still surviving in the wake of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that inspired "Standing in the Breach", even as the news reports, the very day of this album's release, that the funeral of the recently-assassinated Haitian president has been disrupted by protests and shots fired nearby.

His craft as a songwriter is in great shape: note the cross-rhyming bashin'/passion and keep on hopin'/so big and open in "My Cleveland Heart", and the Sondheimian internal rhyming in "Minutes From Downtown":

The years I've seen/that fell between/my date of birth and yours

Fade before/the altered shore/ of a river changing course

(Little-known Browne/Sondheim facts: among the LP's from his personal collection that Stephen Sondheim donated to the Smithsonian were no fewer than four Jackson Browne albums, and Sondheim's own mantra "Content dictates form and style" is a variation on "Form follows function", which Jackson references in "Live Nude Cabaret".)

It's also the case that these tracks, while avoiding the obvious rehashing of previous material, both conjure connections to earlier work and are of a piece with his abundant off-album since efforts the mid-90's. (Note: at 50 minutes, they could have slipped in 2019's "If You Live" for an even more well-rounded album - check that out if you haven't heard it).


"My Cleveland Heart", a classic JB mid-tempo rocker (listen for Davey Faragher's extra-percussive bass), would have been labeled a "radio-ready hit" in the right era for such a thing - an infectious backbeat, and a perfect dose of Jackson Browne comical whimsy mixed with Jackson Browne earnestness about flesh-and-blood hearts letting you down. In addition to bringing Warren Zevon to mind, it's also what "You Love The Thunder" might sound like if given a 2021 studio reboot. (Must offer congratulations to McCallum for this track - top-shelf!).

"A Human Touch": from 2019, such a welcome inclusion here (primarily written by Steve McEwan and Leslie Mendelson, co-performed by Browne and Mendelson). Leslie Mendelson's beautiful vocal will send you looking for other recordings by her - "My Dark Peace" is a good place to start. Jackson's piano here is a sweet as ever, and the instrumental break with Greg Liesz and an uncredited cello is perfect to evoke the song's themes (check out the song's video, containing scenes from "5B").

"Downhill From Everywhere": the cadences of "Looking East" laid over the environmental themes of "If I Could Be Anywhere" and touching on political themes healthily dosed over the last few albums.

"Minutes From Downtown": Drive 101 from Gaviota to Thousand Oaks, pass Topanga Canyon Blvd., go South on the 405 into L.A., with a playlist including "Naked Ride Home", "Just Say Yeah", "I'm Alive", "Off Of Wonderland", "My Stunning Mystery Companion", "Barricades" and this song, a reminder that Jackson Browne's greatest gift may be drawing on the specifically geographical and specifically personal to create something of broader resonance. Jimmy Webb would sign off...

"Unitl Justice is Real": Alethea Mills's and Chavonne Stewart's break out turn on this record, it's also a throwback to the best political commentary on World In Motion and to the visual imagery of "The Fuse" and "Black and White". By Danny Campbell, San Diego

It's OK

Nothing really memorable.

Love JB

not this particular CD By Corona Joe

to just stop, stop putting artist in a box

I, like many, enjoy the old classics from an artist. But, the test of a great artist is for their music to evolve. We all have different takes and likes but to respond to this album as "time to stop" is a two minute listen. By gittarwannabee

Rock on

A little soon to say is one of Jackson’s best songs since Fountain of Sorrow - excellent album once again. Listen to the words By Rdrunrjohn


Baby boomer succumbing to the woke crowd. Sad… not for me. By Jbogey24

Jackson Browne Downhill from everywhere

Jackson still has the chops, talent and heart. His music is soothing to the ears, mind, heart and soul. By cherylgrec


This artist is every bit as relevant now as he was in his earlier days. He is also still driven by causes which sets him apart from many of his contemporaries. Thank you, Jackson. By scqsoxrox

Downhill from Everywhere

Some of these tracks have appeared as singles or on other albums. Jackson Browne is as relevant as ever and still writing great songs! Very grateful for this music. By flagstaffcharlie





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