ALBUM: Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever Zip

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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever Zip MP3


Billie Eilish has release a posthumous package titled Happier Than Ever It was arguably the Alternative event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, Happier Than Ever album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 16 tracks listings.

Billie Eilishs Happier Than Ever has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records.

Artist(s):Billie Eilish
Album:Happier Than Ever
Sample Rates:44100
Bit Rate:190 KBit/s
Record Label:℗ 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records
File Type:Album-zip*Audio/mpeg
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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever Zip Mp3 Download

Billie Eilish returns with a new album “Happier Than Ever” and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Billie Eilish - Getting Older
  2. Billie Eilish - I Didn't Change My Number
  3. Billie Eilish - Billie Bossa Nova
  4. Billie Eilish - my future
  5. Billie Eilish - Oxytocin
  6. Billie Eilish - GOLDWING
  7. Billie Eilish - Lost Cause
  8. Billie Eilish - Halley's Comet
  9. Billie Eilish - Not My Responsibility
  10. Billie Eilish - OverHeated
  11. Billie Eilish - Everybody Dies
  12. Billie Eilish - Your Power
  13. Billie Eilish - NDA
  14. Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am
  15. Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever
  16. Billie Eilish - Male Fantasy

Public Reviews for Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever From Itunes:

she is a wannabe.

I honestly don't see what the big deal is regarding her. She is a hack and none of them can't write a decent melody to save their lives and yes I can do better. It is just that she sings with a monochromatic tone on all her songs. It actually sounds like she is dying when she sings. This music is only being bought by clueless, mindless, teenage girls who can relate to her as another clueless, mindless girl. This is a classic example of image over musical abilities. By Richie Zbras

Honest Fan

I’m very worried for this album, I liked therefore I am a lot, but the rest of the songs released as of lost cause, are not for me. I liked her other album a lot better and this is a HUGE downgrade in my opinion. I used to be the biggest Billie fan and I don’t like the direction she’s going in.

EDIT: the only songs I ended up adding were lost cause & happier than ever. Disappointed. By AlbumreViwer


Loser By amazingappgetrightnow

We stan

Billie Eilish is so amazing and talented and at only 19! She is still young and ppl need to stop being so hard on her. I love her music and all of the singles have been absolutely amazing not to mention they DO sound different from each other. This album is so great! It changed my life🤩🥳1000000000+ out of 10 By sup111222322

no honey

this is not it. just trash By Jrcov


Her best album ever By bad bitttty

What is this??

I absolutely love Billie. I’ve listened to both her albums so many times I can’t count, so you can expect my surprise when I listened to…..this. It’s completely different from her past stuff and I’m all for growing and evolving as an artist, but there’s literally only one or two good songs on here, the rest is horrid. Really hope this isn’t the album route she goes from now on😞 By AidenDPearce


This album is pure excellence! By 🌪☀️🌈

wanted more

i feel like billie has a lot of potential as an artist, but she’s just not living up to it. my main issue with the album is just how quiet her vocals are, like i have no problem with the whispering, i get that’s her thing, but why is she so low in the mix? i literally can’t make out half of what she’s saying, in many cases she’s drowned out by boring instrumentals, which is a shame. i’m hoping they update the mixing for digital versions because it really is rough, i don’t know who approved it. her vocals need to cut through more By Mapletail550


I’m going to give this album three stars because I think Billie is really proud of this album and that’s good for her. But she definitely lost me because she put out her best songs on the album as singles (lost cause, therefore I am). I really really really want to like this album, I looked forward to it. But I just can’t. I’m disappointed because of her voice, the beats also just don’t fit her voice. I’m sorry Billie I feel quite bad. By Onyx_the_Frenchie2018🤩





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