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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Switchfoot – interrobang Zip MP3


Switchfoot has release a posthumous package titled interrobang It was arguably the Alternative event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, interrobang album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 11 tracks listings.

Switchfoots interrobang has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2021 Fantasy Records, Distributed by Concord..

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Record Label:℗ 2021 Fantasy Records, Distributed by Concord.
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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Switchfoot – interrobang Zip Mp3 Download

Switchfoot returns with a new album “interrobang” and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Switchfoot - beloved
  2. Switchfoot - lost ‘cause
  3. Switchfoot - fluorescent
  4. Switchfoot - if i were you
  5. Switchfoot - the bones of us
  6. Switchfoot - splinter
  7. Switchfoot - i need you (to be wrong)
  8. Switchfoot - the hard way
  9. Switchfoot - wolves
  10. Switchfoot - backwards in time
  11. Switchfoot - electricity

Public Reviews for Switchfoot – interrobang From Itunes:


Sad and disappointing. I’ve been their biggest fan since the beginning, but in honesty, this isn’t the Switchfoot that I’ve loved for 24 years By WSbuncrusher

So, so good

Folks, this is a fantastic Switchfoot album. Yes, it's different than their last few albums, but the heart is the same, the musicianship is fantastic, and the lyrics range from clever to introspective. The reviews that have commented on the pre-release tracks are silly because this truly is an album with a theme - namely, we need each other even if we disagree. Good message for our times. Doesn't hurt that there are some real bangers on here, too. If you quit following the guys in the last decade or so, this is a great point to jump back in. By BobbyJ248

Just keeps getting better

I saw you guys in PA last weekend and your show (like many others I’ve seen of you) was amazing!! I loved the new songs so I came and bought your album. It’s been a long time since I’ve found an album where I like almost every single song but you guys nailed it with this one!! Your music has been playing in my car and home all week! Love it and awesome album guys!! By Enchantinglight

Switchfoot at their best

They pushed themselves to make an album outside of their comfort zone, and this is exactly where they thrive. SF just being SF, not catering to any one specific taste and making an album only they could. Writing about loving your enemy, in a time when even love and grace seem controversial. You’ll pick up on new things with every listen, both musically and lyrically. Keep it up guys, we’re loving it. By rich90

The Magic Is Gone

I’ve been a faithful fan for years, but they finally lost me with this one. Where’s the magic? Where’s the flare? Where’s the soul? By Thread of Light

For followers

Here’s the thing: this album is for those that have followed Jon foreman and switchfoot for twenty years. It took a few listens but I love and adore it now. For the average listener they probably won’t enjoy it as much. By Begin Your Fandom

Don’t love the new direction

Switchfoot was always my fav band, but since WTLST I’ve found myself listening to their music less and less. I feel like it’s taken this turn toward mediocrity and blandness with not a lot of depth or power. I hope things take a turn fo the better in the future! By Switch96


I am a huge fan of Switchfoot and have been since I was a kid. This album is special. I have loved hearing their evolution throughout the years and this album has their edge and thought provoking lyrics but this album has a refinement to it that comes with wisdom and age and just living life. There’s an honesty in the words and I am addicted to the sound of this album. Gorgeous work, guys. By Here for the Content

Wow just Wow

Worst Switchfoot album by far By LouisianaTech

Feels familiar and new

This album is incredible. It is reminiscent of old Switchfoot, but still has a new, mature feel. The music is deep, emotive, and creative. It somehow feels influenced by some of the British greats but still retains that Switchfoot sound we’ve come to know and love. Lyrically, there are familiar themes, but expressed in new ways and masterfully sung by Jon. I’m so glad that Switchfoot is still out here kicking it and not slipping into boring musical cliches. Much love! By Creamer4122&





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