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Tems has release a posthumous package titled For Broken Ears It was arguably the R&B/Soul event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, For Broken Ears album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 7 tracks listings.

Temss For Broken Ears has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2020 Leading Vibe Ltd.

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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Tems – For Broken Ears Zip Mp3 Download

Tems returns with a new album “For Broken Ears” and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Tems - Interference
  2. Tems - Ice T
  3. Tems - Free Mind
  4. Tems - Témìládè Interlude
  5. Tems - Higher
  6. Tems - Damages
  7. Tems - The Key

Public Reviews for Tems – For Broken Ears From Itunes:


I first heard of the unique voice of Nigerian-born singer Tems after listening to her feature on WizKid’s 2020 album, Made in Lagos. In the song Essence, Tems is the first lyric of English we hear, a deep and hearty voice entering the song with force and intention. After hearing the song several times and quite easily dominating as my favorite song on the album, I decided to research more about this up-and-coming artist. According to her biography, Tems (full name is Temilade Openiyi) grew up in a family that prioritized education, with that taking precedent as the only route for true upward mobility. After making efforts to purposely miss enrollment and deadlines, her mother forced her to attend university in South Africa. It was then at school that she was inspired to write the 2016 song Try Me, a song of pain, sorrow, and determination involving a “destructive love”. Through further research, I was led to her latest EP released in 2020 entitled For Broken Ears. This analysis will further look into the background of such a symbolic EP and how it pertains to better understand the identities and signifiers within the African Diaspora.

In an interview with Atwood Magazine, Tems says she commemorates her EP for those who have “hard hearts that are about to turn into stone; people that forget they’re human.” With her voice and her stylistic features, she pieces the EP to guide healing and support for her listeners. This method of healing for those not being seen or understood or visible is one of the first key themes that allow individuals, typically about communities of color, to see themselves.

We can argue that during her painful time at university, she was placed in her own Panopticon, a space of surveillance through the lens of a disciplinarian power (that is furthermore surveilled by her mother and others to be the best student) and disciplined enough to reach her greatest potential. Through navigating school, she was able to be released from her hypervisibility to allow the future listeners of her music to truly be seen and visible as well. In other words, when she was freely able to focus on her music, she was also able to challenge how her identity is viewed through the lens of white supremacy. Perhaps she felt as if she was not a human being forced to attend school, and cultivated a piece for those experiencing similar forms of hypervisibility. Although her entire EP touches on this concept, we can see it vividly through Free Mind on the EP:

And behind my mind, it runs

All these thoughts have troubled me

Fighting to give up my pain

Fighting to be on my lane

My mind running to the other side

When it's time to live my life

Then it tries to take me out

Tell you what I need right here

Here we can see how she is pleading to be released from her hypervisibility, to be her person in her own lane. She follows this pattern of recounting her pains and hurt to help others, and inevitably, seek new healing for herself. She further confirms this claim by admitting that this EP has discovered what she has been through and a newfound perspective within her life.

In regards to the more internal logistics of her EP, Tems serves as the lead producer and songwriter. According to interviews, self-producing further allowed her to express herself deeper, and personally connect to her songs and their meanings. Other producers mentioned in her EP include Omeiza, Oddio, and Spax. Through deeper research, all producers have symbolic names and meanings tied to the Nigerian Diaspora.

Spax is a household name in Nigeria. Omeiza is also derived from an African origin, meaning “someone that gives freely.” This UK Afrobeat music producer was likely the mastermind behind much of Tems’ unique sounds on the EP. I argue that through his contributions, he too allowed for listeners to be free through his namesake of giving freely. Finally, Oddio is a duo production team composed of Tejiri Akpoghene and David Owolabi. All producers mentioned have some sort of personal connection to the Nigerian influence and perhaps, can further contend to the feelings that Tems carefully place throughout her EP.

Needless to say, Tems has a voice like none other. She is not a Nigerian utilizing Afrobeats, but a charismatic and unapologetic soul geared to help and heal other souls that share similar experiences. While some songs on the EP have music videos, the EP is descriptive enough in its words and flow. And although this granted her a perspective on her life, it also released a gateway for Black listeners like myself and served as a method to seek my own humanity. By KAREEYKARPENTER


Her voice is simply mesmerizing she is so beautiful and so talented and I’m loving seeing my image as a dark skinned woman Being represented so well ...she’s up next !!!! SUPERSTAR FOR SURE By BLAQTIAN7

TEMS to the World 🌍

The Voice🥺🥰 By Savage_Escobar


the first time i heard Tems was a few months ago and i was blown away by her voice nobody sounds like her at all . its authentic, honest, open, relaxing, relatable and crazy different !! i was in the car listening to free mind today and i was so excited and hyped !! The World needs Tems !! lol forral cant wait to hear more By bfromthemo

Solid Debut

Where do I even begin? The songwriting, production, and vocal arrangement are amazing! Tems has such a distinct and unique voice that makes you really feel what she is singing. I have never been this excited about a new artist as I am with Tems, and I look forward to see how her artistry will continue to evolve as time goes on. However, it is clear that Tems is here to stay. My favorite song on this Ep is ‘Free Mind’, I have literally played the song at least 1000 times!! By Darèè





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